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Take a look at these top stories from our blog :

The 10 Most Expensive Cyberattacks in the History
We hear about data breaches and cyberattacks on the news rather frequently, but rarely do we hear about attacks as costly as the ones featured on this list.

Hacktivist Group GhostShell Claims it Hacked Over 300 Websites
Hacktivist Group GhostShell is back after a hiatus, laying claim to accessing billions of accounts, hacking multiple sites and breaching data from trillions of records.

Serious Vulnerability Found in LG Phones
Security researchers discovered that Android LG phones have a security vulnerability in the Update Center application - which comes pre-installed on most LG phones.

Cybersecurity an Increasing Priority for Smaller Companies
With smaller businesses increasingly becoming targets for malicious hackers and attackers in addition to big corporations, cybersecurity is being sought by smaller businesses and companies.

Security Researcher Claims NoScript Isn’t as Secure as Advertised
The popular browser add-on NoScript isn’t always securing users from web exploits according to Matthew Bryant, who set out on a mission to bypass it's protective walls (and succeeded).

Research: Majority of Credit Card Machines Are Easily Hackable
Researchers at a private cybersecurity firm have discovered that a vast majority of credit card machines across the U.S. use the same password, making them easy targets for cybercriminals and hackers looking to steal credit card information.

Interesting Reading From Around the Web:

Harvard Got Hacked, Again
On Wednesday, the school announced that it discovered a breach in its Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Central Administration IT networks.

Banks: Card Breach at Trump Hotel Properties
The Trump Hotel Collection, a string of luxury hotel properties tied to business magnate and now Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, appears to be the latest victim of a credit card breach, according to data shared by several U.S.-based banks.

Leveraging Social Media for Security Awareness
Does your organisation use social media internally? If not, perhaps you should consider it as a tool to be used as part of your security awareness program.

LIFARS Webinar:

The first 24 hours after a breach - BrightTALK Webinar by Ondrej Krehel

This webinar will be about the process that takes place once a data breach occurs. The pressure is extremely high and various teams have to come together in this time of emergency, including incident response team, the board and the executive management, the PR team, risk management and legal. Goals are to strategize and minimize the damage, contain the threat, and ensure that the business continues running in spite of a major incident and at the same time public concerns and pressure are addressed in an efficient manner.

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Expert Advice:

Online Privacy Tips from 4 Security Experts

Privacy is becoming almost a myth at this point, but there are multiple ways you can increase your privacy online. Four experts, including Ondrej Krehel , the Founder and CTO of LIFARS, share the steps you can take to keep your online activities and presence private.

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