An Online Privacy & Anonymity Guide for a Normal User

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UK Govt Websites Switch to HTTPS Encryption
Come October, all Government Digital Services (GDS) websites will switch to mandatory HTTPS encryption. Some would say it’s about time too. Many services will collect personal information from users. It’s very important that this information can’t be intercepted by malicious third parties as it travels over the internet.

Lizard Squad Hacks CCTV Cameras to DDoS Bank Websites
Researchers at a security firm have uncovered a network of thousands of compromised CCTV cameras and webcams controlled by hackers to carry out comprehensive cyberattacks targeting government and online banking websites.

An Online Privacy & Anonymity Guide for a Normal User
In a time where data breaches make headlines every single day, personal and entirely private and sensitive data is at risk. Of the more recent high-profile breaches, the Ashley Madison hack is arguably among the most notorious breach, if only for the kind of information revealed of consenting adults and their real identities, out in the open.

Hackers Steal $10 Million from Ukrainian Bank
Another day, another SWIFT attack. An independent IT monitoring organization has revealed that an unnamed Ukrainian bank was targeted in a $10 million theft from hackers, using a SWIFT loophole.

Interesting Reading From Around the Web

Panama Claims This Tech Entrepreneur Bribed His Way Out Of Colombia Prison -- He Says It's Lying
Arrested on an Interpol Red Notice as he arrived in Cartagena for a holiday from New York in December 2015, and detained in Bogotá’s maximum-security La Picota prison for six months over claims he failed to deliver his WhatsApp rival Criptext to the nation’s innovation department, Mizrachi was released last week.

Rise of Darknet Stokes Fear of The Insider
With the proliferation of shadowy black markets on the so-called “darknet”, it has never been easier for disgruntled employees to harm their current or former employer. At least, this is the fear driving a growing stable of companies seeking technical solutions to detect would-be insiders.

HummingBad Malware Infects 10 Million Android Devices, Millions More at Risk
A new malware called HummingBad, associated with Chinese cyber criminals Yingmob, has infected millions of devices and brings in millions of dollars of fake ad revenue. The HummingBad announcement came on the heels of another report from Cheetah Mobile, detailing the Hummer trojan affected nearly 1.4 million devices.

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