Weird Security Term of the Week: “Multi-Factor Authentication”

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How a Company’s Recovery from a Data Breach Impacts its Long-Term Viability
The data breach recovery process is just as crucial as the readiness and response stages: failure to follow the correct procedures could signicantly impact the company’s operating capabilities in the future. In this nal of three articles, LIFARS, LLC. and FORTRESS STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS, LLC. outline steps companies need to take after they contain the data breach and initiate the process of normalizing business operations.

Weird Security Term of the Week: “Multi-Factor Authentication”
Multi-Factor Authentication is the combination of at least 2 of these 3 elements used in concert. While it is relatively easy to get one set of credentials, adding on a second element can drastically improve the security of even a poorly configured setup.

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This Guy Let Me Control His Hacked Wheelchair With An Xbox Gamepad
Hacking is, most of the time, a good thing. And Chavez didn’t start probing the network of his chair to find security weaknesses – he set out to modify his chair, so he could have it follow a person.

Data Breach At Oracle’s MICROS Point-of-Sale Division
A Russian organized cybercrime group known for hacking into banks and retailers appears to have breached hundreds of computer systems at software giant Oracle Corp. More alarmingly, the attackers have compromised a customer support portal for companies using Oracle’s MICROS point-of-sale credit card payment systems.

Rio Olympics 2016: How to keep your employees safe from the scams at the summer games
A number of reports found a recent surge in the volume of malicious and phishing artifacts in Brazil, and viewers at home must be vigilant to ensure they do not fall victim and potentially put themselves and their company at risk.

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