Smart Refrigerators Leave Gmail Logins Vulnerable to Exploits

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Ashley Madison Hackers Release a Second Data Dump
The hackers behind the infamous Ashley Madison breach have released a second, larger cache of stolen data. And this time, it includes critical content such as the source code for the website and the company’s applications, along with emails from the company’s CEO.

Google Pulls Plug on Vulnerability Exploiting App
Google has removed a mobile application exploiting the Certifi-gate vulnerability, uncovered and publicized at the Black Hat conference earlier this year, from the Google Play store.

Ashley Madison Promises $379,000 Bounty for Hackers
Online infidelity website AshleyMadison.com is putting up a $379,000 bounty for any information that helps facilitate the arrests and prosecution of the individual or hackers who call themselves the ‘Impact Team’.

Significant Vulnerabilities Discovered in Popular Android Browsers
An independent mobile security researcher has discovered multiple vulnerabilities existing in two popular alternative Android browsers – Mercury and Dolphin.

Rutgers University to Spend $3 Million on Cybersecurity
Following a spate of recent cyberattacks targeting the university last year, officials now say Rutgers University is expected to spend up to $3 million on cybersecurity this year.

Survey Shows 81% of Healthcare Organizations Suffered Cyberattacks
A staggering 81% of healthcare organizations have been compromised by cyberattacks in the past two years according to healthcare executives.

Smart Refrigerators Leave Gmail Logins Vulnerable to Exploits
Penetration testers have discovered an exploit that could potentially steal Gmail credentials of a user whose information is available in a Samsung smart fridge.

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Angering The King Of Sweden, Flaunting Fake Females And Other Bonkers Ashley Madison Marketing Ploys
Poring over the emails of Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman, leaked by the Impact Team hacker crew last weekend, there are frequent messages about risqué marketing campaigns. Some of them, unsurprisingly, landed the company in trouble.

Who Hacked Ashley Madison?
AshleyMadison.com, a site that helps married people cheat and whose slogan is “Life is Short, have an Affair,” recently put up a half million (Canadian) dollar bounty for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the Impact Team — the name chosen by the hacker(s) who recently leaked data on more than 30 million Ashley Madison users. Here is the first of likely several posts examining individuals who appear to be closely connected to this attack.

Security Training Fights Phishing: Ponemon
Costs incurred by organizations as a result of successful phishing attacks are mostly related to employee productivity loss and uncontained credential compromises, which together cost an average sized company $3.77 million per year. That’s one of the key findings of a new report, “The Cost of Phishing and Value of Employee Training.”


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