Privacy Concerns in Windows 10

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Proper Data Breach Incident Response
Data breaches are a common occurrence and organizations need to ensure they are prepared to deal with a data breach incident properly. Here are some tips.

Bulletproof Hosting Services that Fuel the Cybercrime Underground
Bulletproof Hosting Services are the backbone of the cybercrime industry, allowing criminals to host malicious content, while being difficult to take down. Here is how they work.

United Airlines Breached, Chinese Hackers Suspected
United Airlines has suffered a data and network breach from the same hackers who stole millions of government employees’ data in recent months, according to investigators.

What Makes Cloud Security Different from Traditional Infrastructure Security?
As cloud services take the reins from on-premise hardware and software, the importance of strong cybersecurity strategies for cloud-based solutions becomes apparent. Managing it in the cloud, however, is very different from securing traditional IT environments.

NSA Report: China Successfully Hacked 600+ American Targets in 5 Years
An slide released from a secret NSA briefing shows nearly 700 locations of “every single successful computer intrusion” by state-sponsored Chinese hackers during a five-year period from 2009-14.

Open-Source App to Disable Windows 10 Tracking Features
Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest upgrade to its flagship operating system, comes bundled with telemetry and tracking services enabled by default. A new open-source application is now available to stop all of the telemetry and tracking services used by Windows 10.

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There's Another Way To Hack Hundreds Of Millions Of Androids With One Text
Just a week after Stagefright bugs were revealed in Android, leaving Google phones open to one-text infection, another set of issues have been revealed that researchers claim allow for more single-message hacks on hundreds of millions of phones.

Inside the $100M ‘Business Club’ Crime Gang
New research into a notorious Eastern European organized cybercrime gang accused of stealing more than $100 million from banks and businesses worldwide provides an unprecedented, behind-the-scenes look at an exclusive “business club” that dabbled in cyber espionage and worked closely with phantom Chinese firms on Russia’s far eastern border.

Ransomware Targets Windows 10 Users
Security researchers with the San Jose, Calif.-based Cisco have warned users against opening email attachments that claim to be from the tech giant. These attachments, they said, contain malware that encrypts files until a ransom is paid.


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Hacking-as-a-Service Makes Everyone Attack Capable

Hacking-as-a-Service (HaaS) is fast becoming a business enterprise driven by consumer demand, as well as a competitive development of quality goods and services. In this article, Ondrej Krehel and Emilio Iasiello take a deeper look at the evolution of HaaS that is taking place in the cybercrime underground.

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Taking a Page from Security Story Hijacking

The security space is white-hot in the news, due in large part to the steady surge of data breaches, confirmed (and unconfirmed) state-sponsored attacks and general curiosity about the future of hacking (see this week’s Jeep hacking experiment from Wired). This wave of interest in turn has created ample opportunities for B2B security companies to participate in relevant and timely discussions taking place in the news and to position themselves as experts in the field.

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