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Google’s Chrome Strikes Another Blow Against Flash

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Google’s Chrome Strikes Another Blow Against Flash
Starting September 1, Google has actively paused Flash-based advertisements by default in its widely used web browser Chrome, increasing browser speed and security.

New Banking Trojan Is the Best of Malware Put-Together, IBM Warns
IBM’s security researchers have discovered a new banking Trojan that they claim is a ‘power patchwork’ of effective existing malware families – coming together.

Popular Belkin Wi-Fi Routers Easily Hackable
A popular model of Belkin’s Wi-Fi routers has several zero-day vulnerabilities, some of which are still unpatched, according to independent researchers.

JailBroken Apple Devices Targeted by New Malware
A malware named ‘KeyRaider’ contributes to the world’s largest iCloud hijack and is speculated to affect over 225,000 jailbroken Apple devices.

A Sophisticated Gmail Phishing Scam Is Linked to Iranian Hackers
Iranian hackers are actively trying ways to circumvent Gmail’s two-step verification system and infiltrate Gmail, with their targets being political dissidents and activists.

Study Reveals Brazil Is a Big Target for Cyberattacks
A recent study by Kaspersky Labs shows that Brazilian users are at a significantly higher risk of being targeted for cyberattacks than any other country in Latin America.

Millions of Federal Data Breach Victims Still in the Dark
The data breach that affected 21.5 million federal employees and contractors whose data was hacked are yet to be notified by the Govt., officials say.

Interesting Reading From Around the Web:

How A 1200-Year-Old Hacking Technique Can Already Crack Tomorrow's Encrypted Vaults
Born in Baghdad, al-Kindi, known as ‘The Philosopher of the Arabs’, was the first director of the Library and Translation Academy at the House of Wisdom. He is credited as author of the oldest surviving document on cryptology, A Manuscript on Deciphering Cryptographic Messages. And in that manuscript was the kernel of an idea that is still taught in crypto classrooms today: the use of letter frequency statistics to unlock ciphers.

OPM (Mis)Spends $133M on Credit Monitoring
The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has awarded a $133 million contract to a private firm in an effort to provide credit monitoring services for three years to nearly 22 million people who had their Social Security numbers and other sensitive data stolen by cybercriminals. But perhaps the agency should be offering the option to pay for the cost that victims may incur in “freezing” their credit files, a much more effective way of preventing identity theft.

Passwords Fail to Secure Data: LaunchKey
Password-based authentication is no longer an effective way to meet the demands of modern information security. That’s a major finding of a recent survey from the Las Vegas-based LaunchKey, a provider of mobile authentication platforms.


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