Tesla Releases Patch after Hackers Remotely Hijack Moving Car

Here is the weekly roundup :

Wall Street Technology Firm Sued for Losing $6 Million in Phishing Email Scam
Tillage, a commodities investor is suing big Wall Street firm SS&C technologies for falling for a routine phishing scam that saw $6 million siphoned from Tillage’s Commodities Fund.

FBI is Looking at Legal Measures Against Russian Hackers
The FBI is focusing efforts to procure the evidence required by the Department of Justice to indict some of the Russians that are alleged to be responsible for a spate of recent political hacks.

Tesla Releases Patch after Hackers Remotely Hijack Moving Car
Tesla has rushed to release a patch within 10 days of Chinese white hat hackers’ (security researchers) discovery of vulnerabilities within the Model S’ control system that allowed for an intruder to remotely breach the system.

Russian Hackers Publish Health Records of Rio 2016 Athletes
A Russian hacking group that goes by the banner “Fancy Bear” has released the private health records of several Olympians from the United States and other countries on two separate occasions this week.

A Banking Trojan Will Bypass Android 6 Security
A modified piece of malware can now force its way to bypass two fundamental security features introduced in Android 6. A case of social engineering more-so than exploiting any vulnerabilities.

Interesting Reading From Around the Web

Rafael Nadal Anti-Doping Agency Data Leaked By Fancy Bear Hackers
The best-known victim in the Fancy Bears’ latest info dump is Spanish tennis champion Rafael Nadal, though Britain’s Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah also had his data exposed.

DDoS Mitigation Firm Has History of Hijacks
DDoS attacks are rapidly growing in size, sophistication and disruptive impact, presenting a clear and present threat to online commerce and free speech alike. Since reporting about the hack of vDOS and the arrest of its proprietors nearly two weeks ago, KrebsOnSecurity.com has been under near-constant DDoS attack. One assault this past Sunday morning maxed out at more than 210 Gbps — the largest assault on this site to date.

Which Political Party Is More Cybersecure?
Cybersecurity expert Tim Bandos reveals which political party is most vulnerable, common hacking techniques, and what companies can learn from watching how the DNC and RNC respond to cyberthreats.

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