Dating Website Leaked
Dating Website Leak Sees 1.5 Million User Accounts Exposed

Here is the weekly roundup :

Hackers Reportedly Targeted Election Systems in 20 States
According to a Homeland Security Department official, hackers have targeted the voter registration systems at least 20 states over the past few months.

FBI Arrests NSA Contractor Accused of Classified Material Theft
The FBI has secretly arrested an NSA federal contractor in August after the accused was alleged to have stolen top secret intelligence material and a hacking tool developed by the agency.

UK Telecom Giant TalkTalk Sees a Record Fine for Data Breach
TalkTalk, the telecom and internet service provider that saw a comprehensive hack in October 2015 has seen a record £400,000 fine (approx. $509,934) imposed by the UK government.

CCTV Botnet-Led Cyberattack brings Record 1.5Tbps DDoS Attack
In what is easily largest recorded DDoS attack ever, a botnet of some 145,000 IoT (internet-of-things) devices and CCTV cameras were used to target a data hosting company with a 1.5 Terabyte DDoS attack.

Security firm Disputes Yahoo’s Claim of State-Sponsored Hacker Breach
Yahoo’s now-infamous breach that saw 500 million account details stolen was instigated by common cybercriminals rather than state-sponsored hackers, a security company has claimed.

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Who Is At Fault For A Security Breach?
From developers and security professionals to the the board, there has been a constant and underlying struggle in addressing security issues. Since the advent of the internet, the solutions offered provide insight into narrow instances of threat, usually specializing on just one facet of an organization’s attack surface and protecting against known threats.

‘Money Mule’ Gangs Turn to Bitcoin ATMs
Fraudsters who hack corporate bank accounts typically launder stolen funds by making deposits from the hacked company into accounts owned by “money mules,” willing or unwitting dupes recruited through work-at-home job scams. The mules usually are then asked to withdraw the funds in cash and wire the money to the scammers.

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