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Weebly Hack Sees 43 Million User Credentials Stolen
San Francisco-based, a “drag-n-drop” website creator's database has been breached, leaking the user details of over 43 million users.

The Russian Hacker Arrested in Prague is Allegedly Behind the LinkedIn Breach
A Russian-national hacker in Prague has been arrested by the Czech police in a cooperative effort with the FBI. The accused hacker is said to be behind the comprehensive LinkedIn breach of 2012 which compromised some 100 million users' information.

Montenegro Election Day Sees DDoS Attacks from Cybercriminals
The Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunications of Montenegro have revealed that on the day of the country’s parliamentary elections, several prominent websites were targeted by cybercriminals with DDoS attacks.

Researchers Show NSA’s Capability to Break Trillions of Encrypted Connections
Researchers have fundamentally proven that NSA broke the most-widely used encryption on the internet.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Delivered Data Access to a Surveillance Tool Developer
Data from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Picasa were being harvested by a Chicago startup via a social media monitoring tool, which was then sold to law enforcement agencies for surveillance, a report has revealed.

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RIMS Conference
October 24, 1:15 PM
Atlanta, Georgia

LIFARS CEO and Founder, Ondrej Krehel, will discuss ransomware and how to mitigate cyber risks.

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October 24 - 26,
Washington, DC

LIFARS CEO will be a panelist on 10/25 at the Privacy + Security Forum, discussing the best practices for responding to a data breach.

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Qubit Conference
4th Annual Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics
Community Event on April 5 - 6th, 2017

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