iPhone Passcode Can Be Bypassed to Access Messages and Photos
Alert: iPhone Passcode Can Be Bypassed to Access User Media

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Alert: iPhone Passcode Can Be Bypassed to Access User Media
Despite Touch ID’s implementation, the Apple iPhone’s passcode is still vulnerable. A proof-of-concept demonstrates that the security feature can be bypassed to access the user’s photos and messages.

OAuth 2.0 Claims it is Still Secure, “If Used Properly”
In the aftermath of the revelation that a billion mobile apps could be hijacked through a vulnerability in OAuth 2.0 – as discovered by three Chinese researchers from the University of Hong Kong – OAuth 2.0 has claimed it is still secure, for non-mobile implementations.

412 Million FriendFinder Accounts Leaked in Mega Breach
FriendFinder Networks Inc., the parent company behind a number of the world’s largest adult-centric social and community websites has been the target of a mega-breach.

Reveal of Hacked Servers Marketplace xDedic Throws up a Surprise
It was last week when security firm Kaspersky reported on an underground marketplace called xDedic, a platform for buying and selling access to compromised RDP servers. Some 70,000 hacked servers were up for sale, spanning across 173 countries. The xDedic website went offline soon after the story broke.

From Around the Web:

IoT attacks could bring real-world damage
Cyber experts warn that lax security of billions of new networked internet of things devices will create a target-rich environment that could have devastating consequences.

Cloud-driven IT Decentralization Increases Security Risk
IT management has become increasingly decentralized, which many businesses think is causing more harm than good - especially for security, a new study says.

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