Extradition Requests of Alleged Russian Hacker


US and Russia ask Czechs to Extradite Alleged Russian Hacker

Here is the weekly roundup:

Navy Reveals Breach of 130,000+ Sailors’ Personal Data
The personal data of 134,386 current and former US sailors has been compromised in a security breach, the US Navy has revealed.

US and Russia ask Czechs to Extradite Alleged Russian Hacker
The alleged Russian hacker behind the breach of some major social media organizations’ networks and computers is in the middle of extradition negotiations between the United States and Russia following his arrest in the Czech Republic.

Three Mobile Breach Affects over 133,827 Customer Accounts
A data breach targeting prominent UK mobile network provider Three Networks sees a total of 133,827 customer accounts compromised, the company has confirmed.

Symantec to Acquire Identity Theft Protection Firm for $2.3 Billion
Prominent antivirus developer Symantec has confirmed its intention to acquire LifeLock, an identity theft protection company for $2. 3 billion.

From Around the Web:

Apple Keeps Constant Log Of iPhone Calls In iCloud, Warns Cop Contractor
Apple has a hidden feature for you in its iPhones: call logs going back as far as four months are stored in near real-time in the iCloud. That’s the warning today from a Russian provider of iPhone hacking tools, Elcomsoft, which claimed the feature was automatic and there was no way to turn it off bar shutting down iCloud Drive altogether.

Researchers Demo Method For Turning A PC Into An Eavesdropping Device
Researchers at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev have devised a way to turn any computer into an eavesdropping device by surreptitiously getting connected headphones or earphones to function like microphones.

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