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Here is the weekly roundup :

IBM Study: Ransomware up 6,000%, a Billion-Dollar Business
A new study from IBM security has revealed that ransomware has increased a staggering 6,000% this year compared to 2015 and is on course to become a billion dollar business by the end of the year.

Yahoo! Admits to Hack of a Billion(+) User Accounts
Yahoo! Inc, one of the biggest Internet companies during its heyday, has now revealed that a hack from August 2013 stole data associated with over a billion user accounts.

Microsoft is Warning Christmas Shoppers about Ransomware
In a new post on its Malware Protection Center blog, software giant Microsoft has warned customers about ransomware cybercriminals targeting online shoppers through a phishing campaign.

The NSA’s Mission for National Security Includes Data Collection
President Obama spoke about the need to strike a balance between the need for security – through surveillance – and preserving one’s freedoms and privacy, in a May 2013 address. The NSA has now, published its mission to the public.

Microsoft’s PowerShell is Being Abused by Malware Authors
Microsoft Powershell, the software giant’s prominent scripting language that is now the default shell in the ever-popular Windows operating system, is being used by cybercriminals to spread malware.

Featured Article:

Cyber Security: A Rising Threat for Dental Offices

Ondrej Krehel, CEO & Founder of LIFARS, discusses the cyber threats dental offices are facing today in New York County Dental Society's Newsletter.

From Around the Web:

Romanian Gets 57-Months Jail For ‘ATM Skimming’ Scheme

Robert Mate and 15 others copied bank account details of thousands of ATM users and stole $5 million.

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