New MacOS FileVault2 Exploit
Hacker Exploits MacOS FileVault2 Password in 30 Seconds

Here is the weekly roundup :

Apple Backtracks on 2017 Mandate for HTTPS-Only Apps
Apple issued a mandate during its 2016 WorldWide Developer Conference, requiring developers of all iOS and OS X applications in Apple’s App Store to adopt ATS, or App Transport Security. Much like HTTPS, the protocol was to enhance the cybersecurity inherent in apps. The deadline was set for December 31st 2016. Now, Apple has delayed the deadline, but not yet set the date.

Hacking Group OurMine Claim Netflix and NFL Twitter Accounts
The self-proclaimed white-hat hacking group “OurMine hackers” have struck again. This time, the official twitter accounts of Netflix US, the NFL and Marvel have been targeted and compromised.

Ukraine’s Power Grid Outage Blamed on Hackers
Over the weekend, parts of northern Kyev in Ukraine experienced power blackouts, and the local energy company has revealed that the outage could be the work of malicious hackers.

Nigerian National Charged with Hacking of Los Angeles County Emails
A Nigerian citizen is facing multiple charges in connection with a hack of the Los Angeles County emails that could have potentially exposed personal data from over 750,000 people engaged in correspondence with the county departments.

Hacker Exploits MacOS FileVault2 Password in 30 Seconds
Ulf Frisk, a Swedish hacker and penetration tester has revealed a new exploit that any attacker can exploit a macOS FileVault2, even if the Mac computer is in sleep or locked mode at the time of the exploit.


Alen Gojak on Mobile forensics investigations

Alen Gojak, a mobile device examiner and mobile forensic expert based in Croatia, discusses the current trends in mobile forensic investigations in an interview conducted by LIFARS.

From Around the Web:

Black market medical record prices drop to under $10, criminals switch to ransomware

The black market value of stolen medical records dropped dramatically this year, and criminals shifted their efforts from stealing data to spreading ransom ware, according to a report released this morning.

'Alice' Malware Loots ATMs

The malware, according to Trend Micro, is about as bare-bones as it gets and appears designed for the sole purpose of emptying an ATM of its cash.

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