Chinese citizens charged with insider trading on confidential corporate information
US Charges Chinese Citizens with Hacking Law Firms

Here is the weekly roundup :

US Government Banking Council Releases Cybersecurity Assessment Tool
The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC), a formal government interagency body that includes the five major banking regulators, has issued a Cybersecurity Assessment tool for banking institutions to evaluate their risks and cybersecurity readiness.

Obama Administration to Announce Official Response to Russian Election Hacking
The Obama administration is reportedly planning to announce a number of “retaliatory measures” against Russia in response to targeting and hacking US individuals and institutions in its effort to help elect Donald Trump as the next US president.

Turkey Asks Apple to Unlock Russian Ambassador Killer’s iPhone
2016 hasn’t seen the last of Apple’s encryption debate. The iPhone belonging to the man who assassinated the Russian ambassador to Turkey before he took his own life is now under scrutiny.

The FTC Reminds Shoppers of Fake Apps during Holiday Period
In an official release, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has warned shoppers of fraudulent mobile applications during the holiday shopping season which has proven to result in plenty of cases of online fraud and identity theft.

US Charges Chinese Citizens with Hacking Law Firms
U.S. prosecutors have charged three Chinese citizens with insider trading on confidential corporate information, allegedly gathered by hacking into the servers and networks of law firms involved in corporate mergers and acquisitions.

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Nick McGowan on Cyber Security Crimes

Nick McGowan is a detective with the Petaluma Police Department in Northern California and a member of the San Francisco Electronic Crimes Task Force. Detective McGowan discusses cyber crimes and his real life experiences in street gang cases related to technology in an interview with LIFARS.

From Around the Web:

Police ask Alexa: Who dunnit?

In what may be a first, police in Arkansas asked Amazon for recordings potentially made by an Echo device in connection with a murder investigation.

Threat Actors Bring Ransomware To Industrial Sector With New Version of KillDisk

Disk-erasing malware has been tweaked to encrypt data instead and to ask for a Bitcoin payment.

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