Yahoo Under Investigation
Report: The SEC is Probing Yahoo Over Data Breaches

Here is the weekly roundup :

Federal Govt’s Rogue Tweeters Could be Prosecuted as Hackers
An online campaign that saw a number of unauthorized tweets on climate change with opinions that are inconsistent with Trump’s campaign statements and policies on climate change, could have unauthorized tweeters prosecuted.

US Intelligence Agencies Have Been Investigating Russia’s State-Sponsored Hacking
A group of intelligence agencies and law enforcement authorities have, for months, led investigations into the possibility of hackers paid by the Russian government to infiltrate targets in the United States.

FBI: Business E-Mail Compromise Scams Increasing Dramatically
The Boston Division of the FBI has warned of a significant increase in BECs or business e-mail compromises that are targeting businesses of all sizes and types, resulting in massive financial losses within Boston and other cities.

2016 Windows Exploitations
Over the course of 2016, vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer and Edge were fixed after numerous exploitations. According to statistics, the number of vulnerabilities exploited from the outside in Internet Explorer has declined and no vulnerabilities were found to be exploited in the Edge web browser

Hacker Finds Glaring Vulnerabilities in Apple’s Notification Feature
A buggy new notification feature that was found to contain multiple significant vulnerabilities by a security researcher, has caused Apple to pullback and disable the feature entirely.

Bank Heist Cybercriminal Gang Found Using Google Services for Malware Operations
The Carbanak cybercriminal gang, the hacker group behind a cumulative theft of over a billion dollars from over 100 banks in 2015 has been found abusing a number of Google services to issue command and control (C&C) communications.

How to Avoid Bad HIPAA Compliance Practices
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 was enacted to protect health insurance coverage for employees and their families. HIPAA is particularly useful when an employee is laid-off or shifting jobs.

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David Leach Shares His Insight on Investing in Cybersecurity Firms

David Leach, Principal and Head of Private Equity at The Chertoff Group, discusses partnerships and investing in cybersecurity firms in a recent interview with LIFARS.

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AI-based typing biometrics might be authentication's next big thing

Identifying or authenticating people based on how they type is not a new idea, but thanks to advances in artificial intelligence it can now be done with a very high level of accuracy, making it a viable replacement for other forms of biometrics.

So Far, Most Companies 60% Non-Compliant with GDPR

Many companies are falling short of data protection obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). DLA Piper's Data Privacy Scorebox shows that, on average, companies are complying with less than 40% of GDPR principles.

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