Yahoo may have been hacked(again)
Yahoo: Your Email Accounts May Have Been Hacked, Again

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Nothing is Impossible’ Writes Hacker After Defacing Trump Campaign Website
A hacker who goes by the pseudonym “Pro-Mast3r” has reportedly defaced a fundraising website linked to the campaign of President Donald Trump by compromising a server related to the campaign.

Dreaded IoT Malware Mirai Spotted in a Windows Trojan
Mirai, the infamous strain of IoT-based malware that triggered an unprecedented distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) against against prominent DNS provider Dyn leading to a sweeping blackout last year, has now been spotted in a Windows Trojan.

Yahoo: Your Email Accounts May Have Been Hacked, Again
For the third time in less than 6 months, Yahoo has, once again, warned users that their email accounts may have been hacked.

Most Common Passwords Found In Data Breaches
Creating a strong password is one of the fundamental ways to keep your account safe. A strong password can help reduce the chances your private information from getting stolen, whereas a weak password is easy to break and use in a malicious manner. In 2016, the most common password was 123456.

Malware Targeting MS Word for Apple Mac OS Discovered in the Wild
Macros-based malware attacks targeting Windows machines running Microsoft Word have been proved to be a long-standing and routine threat to PCs. Now, security researchers have discovered attackers developing malicious macros for Word documents on Apple’s Mac platform.

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Google ranks Gmail malware targets: Here's how your sector rates on malicious spam

Google's breakdown of Gmail customers who receive the most spam reveals that the real-estate sector is the prime target of emails with malicious attachments or links.

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