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Here is the weekly roundup :

Apple Triggers Two-Factor Authentication Prompts Over Push Notifications
Two-factor authentication, a security feature that has gained prominence in the era of the smartphone gets a push from Apple on its latest iOS beta, via notifications.

MacOS Malware Linked to Russian Hackers Steals Passwords, iPhone Backups
A new variant of a Mac malware allegedly developed by APT28, the same cyber espionage group believed to be responsible for the hacks of the Democratic party in the lead up to the 2016 presidential elections, has been discovered by security researchers.

Bristol County DA’s Office Opens Digital Forensics Lab
Crime in the 21st century has come a long way. And crime in a connected world that leaves behind digital footprints has persuaded Bristol City’s District Attorney to install a new digital forensics lab.

Massive Data Breaches Cost Yahoo $350 Million in Sale to Verizon
Yahoo’s sale of its core business to Verizon for what was originally a 4.85 billion deal, now includes amended terms wherein Verizon will also share costs of the legal and regulatory liabilities related to two of the largest known data breaches that compromised Yahoo.

New York’s New Cybersecurity Regulation to be Enforced in March
New York’s new cybersecurity regulation will be enforced on March 1, enforcing new norms and requirements upon the insurance and banking sectors as the state aims to better protect institutions and consumers against breaches and cyberattacks.

‘Nothing is Impossible’ Writes Hacker After Defacing Trump Campaign Website
A hacker who goes by the pseudonym “Pro-Mast3r” has reportedly defaced a fundraising website linked to the campaign of President Donald Trump by compromising a server related to the campaign.


Lisa Bock, assistant professor of information technology at Pennsylvania College of Technology, discusses packet analysis and its tools in a recent interview with LIFARS.

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Ondrej Krehel, eRiskHub® security coach and CEO and founder at LIFARS discusses the latest round of phishing to hit Gmail users.

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Carders capitalize on Cloudflare problems, claim 150 million logins for sale

CloudBleed is the name given to a flaw created by a faulty HTML parser chain that's responsible for dumping sensitive information from a number of Cloudflare customers across the web.

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