White-Hat Hackers Leaving The NSA
NSA White-Hat Hackers are Reportedly Quitting in Droves

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Vice President Pence Used AOL Email as Indiana Governor, Got Hacked
United States Vice President, Mike Pence, used his private AOL email account to conduct state business as Governor of Indiana. His personal email account was hacked last summer.

New Digital Forensics Lab Opens in California
A new digital forensics facility opened its doors in San Luis Obispo along the central coast of California as a means to fight cybercrime, and to be used by forensics investigators across the county.

CIS Critical Security Controls
CIS Critical Security Controls specifies and recommends the appropriate actions for organizations to take to improve their critical infrastructure.

NSA White-Hat Hackers are Reportedly Quitting in Droves
The NSA is seeing an increased number of employed hackers and cyberespionage agents quitting the agency, according to current and former NSA officials.

IoT Teddy Bear Toy Leaks 2 Million Recordings of Parents’ and Kids’ Messages
The manufacturer of Internet-connected “smart” teddy bears has leaked the credentials of over 800,000 user accounts and millions of personal messages between parents and their children, which hackers then exploited for a ransom.

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Fileless Powershell malware uses DNS as covert communication channel

CloudBleed is the name given to a flaw created by a faulty HTML parser chain that's responsible for dumping sensitive information from a number of Cloudflare customers across the web.

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