Motion Tracing Exploit
Researchers Reveal Passcode Exploit through Phone Motion Sensors

Here is the weekly roundup :

Mirai-Like ‘BrickerBot’ Malware Kills Unsecured IoT Devices
A new variant of malware, dubbed BrickerBot, has been discovered operating in the wild by targeting IoT devices running Linux, the popular open-source operating system.

Mac Malware Rises as Ransomware Extortionists Target Apple Users
A survey by security software firm Malwarebytes’ analysis of malware and cybercrime in the first quarter of 2017 has revealed an increasing number of attacks targeting Apple users using Mac-targeting malware.

Researchers Reveal Passcode Exploit through Phone Motion Sensors
Last year, a team of cyber researchers demonstrated the simplicity of spying on a phone’s motion sensors to steal the user’s PINs and passwords.

US Feds Start Dismantling Destructive Spam Botnet Kelihos
The US Department of Justice has announced the launch of an extensive effort to put an end to the Kelihos botnet, a global network of over 10,000 infected computers that has been delivering spam and ransomware and other malware since 2010.

The Effects of Ransomware on Small and Midsize Businesses
A recent surge of Ransomware attacks on small to midsize businesses has caused many enterprises to re-evaluate their disaster recovery and security strategies. The reason these organizations have become a main target is due to their lack of funds to implement strong security measures.

German Minister Wants Rules to Attack Foreign Hackers
Germany’s interior minister is urging for legislation allowing nations to attack foreign hackers legally to defend the country against a number of cyberthreats including attacks on critical infrastructure.

LIFARS Case Study:

Ransomware Digital Forensics

A global market investment and trading firm server files were compromised with multiple layers of encryption that had gone unnoticed. LIFARS identified, contained, and removed the threats from the environment within 24 hours.

Featured Article:

What The Russians Want

Coverage from the SINET ITSEF panel discussion on how Russia uses cyber attacks and hybrid warfare to advance its interests.

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