Business Chat Platform Hacked
HipChat Suffers Breach During the Weekend

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Phishing Scammer Scams $100 Million out of Facebook and Google
A March indictment by the Department of Justice first revealed news of the arrest of a Lithuanian man to have allegedly conned $100 million in wire transfers from American tech giants.

he Importance of a Corporate Culture Built Around Security
Building a culture of security is substantial to any organization. Having a culture built around security, can help an organization create and maintain cyber resilience and a strong business environment.

FalseGuide Botnet Malware Hits 2 Million Android Devices
Security researchers have discovered and revealed details about ‘FalseGuide’, a new strain of malware that resides among applications on Google’s official app store, Google Play.

Jailed: Teenage Hacker who Developed DDoS Tool Behind 1.7 Million Cyberattacks
A former teenage hacker who developed software in his bedroom that was used to trigger over a million cyberattacks to cause targets millions in damages has now been jailed for two years.

HipChat Suffers Breach During the Weekend
Team communication platform HipChat was breached by an unknown intruder over the weekend who has reportedly made off with a large amount of metadata.

Mirai-Like BrickerBot Bricked 2 Million IoT Devices, Claims Malware Author
The author behind the BrickerBot, a new variant of malware discovered in the wild to target unsecure IoT devices to effectively ‘brick’ or kill them, has claimed as many as two million devices, according to the malware’s alleged author.

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