Researchers Uncovered a Flaw in Google's Android Platform
40% of Android Devices at Risk of Screen Hijack Exploit

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Ransomware and HIPAA- What You Need to Know to Stay Secure
Ransomware attacks have continued to steadily increase over the past couple of years. According to a recent U.S Government interagency report since early 2016, around four thousand ransomware attacks have occurred each day.

Trump Signs Presidential Executive Order to Strengthen US Cyber Defenses
US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order on Thursday that aims to improve and bolster the cyber defenses of the government’s federal networks and critical infrastructure in the country.

Google Docs Users Hit with Massive Phishing Attack
On Wednesday morning (PST), users of the popular Google Docs software suite were targeted in a comprehensive phishing campaign that allowed attackers to obtain victims’ contact lists while accessing their Gmail accounts to spread spam.

Human Vulnerability – The Biggest Threat to an OrganizationNearly 50% of Organizations are Victims of Ransomware Attacks
A new study has revealed that ransomware attacks targeting organizations continue to be one the rise, with 47% of organizations revealing that they have been victims of a ransomware attack over the past 12 months

Government & Finance are the Most Targeted Sectors of CyberAttacks
New research has revealed that the number of cyberattacks targeting the government sector has doubled in 2016, jumping to 14% from 7% in the space of a year.

Intel Vulnerability Leaves Thousands of PCs Open to Hacker Hijack
Security researchers have warned that a vulnerability in the Active Management Technology (AMT) feature of Intel processor chipsets are open to a remote exploit that could allow malicious hackers to hijack computers.


Mark A. Pfister on Boards and the Cybersecurity Challenge

Mark Pfister, CEO and the Chairman of the Board of Integral Board Group, discusses the cybersecurity challenges the boards face in a recent interview with LIFARS.

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2017 Breach Data Investigation Report

LIFARS provided data and information of incidents we encountered in 2016 for Verizon's 2017 Data Breach Investigation Report.

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IANS Toronto Information Security Forum| 5/16-5/17

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Enfuse Conference| 5/22-5/25

LIFARS' Incident Response and Digital Forensic Team will be presenting two lab sessions at Enfuse:
- Digital Forensics on Compromised Web Applications
- Incident Response, The First 24 Hours

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NJ ISACA - FinCyberSec Conference 2017 | 5/31

Ondrej Krehel, LIFARS' CEO, will be presenting real cases of cyber extortion on financial firms and high net worth individuals, during his session "The Era of Ransomware and Cyber Extortion."

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