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Google Will Pay Up to $200,000 for Android Hacks

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Putin Says ‘Patriotic” Russian Hackers Could Be Behind Cyberattacks
Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed that Russians with “patriotic leanings” could be behind cyberattacks, which Russia has frequently been accused of.

Researchers Find Link Between WannaCry Ransomware and China
Security researchers at Flashpoint have revealed a linguistic analysis of the ransom notes delivered to tens of thousands of WannaCry’s victims around the world. While a portion of the cybersecurity community has linked the WannaCry attack to a North Korean hacker group Lazarus, a recent analysis by Flashpoint researchers dug further.

Are you prepared for a data breach?
No one is one hundred percent safe and protected from experiencing a breach. A breach should always be anticipated, so being prepared is key for when one does occur.

Czech Court Rules LinkedIn Hacker can be Extradited to U.S or Russia
In October 2016, a Russian-born hacker was arrested in Prague in a law enforcement effort collaborating with the FBI. The hacker is accused of being the perpetrator behind the LinkedIn breach of 2012. A Czech court has ruled that the citizen can be extradited to the United States or Russia, where he faces separate charges.

“Most” of Chipotle’s Restaurants Infected by Credit Card Malware
In an announcement over the weekend, Chipotle Mexican Grill said it has identified the malware that siphoned users’ payment card data from point-of-sale (POS) devices at Chipotle restaurants in a breach earlier this year.


Operation Cloud Hopper & RedLeaves - What You Need to Know

Cloud Hopper is a recent Malware campaign that has been targeting MSPs (Managed Service Providers) and their clients. Learn about the various malware payloads, how they operate, and how to protect your organizations sensitive data.

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Ondrej Krehel (LIFARS): Tackling Cybersecurity Issues Needs Deeper Collaboration

LIFARS CEO, Ondrej Krehel, in a recent interview with Slovak Startup on LIFARS and tackling cybersecurity issues.

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