Petya Ransomware Cyber Attack
Petya Ransomware Hits the United States

Here is the weekly roundup :

Ransomware Woes Sees India Force Microsoft for Cut-Price Upgrade Deal
Following last month’s unprecedented cyberattack led by the WannaCry ransomware, India has reportedly pressed Microsoft to offer a significant one-time discount deal for over 50 million Windows users to upgrade...

Millions of User Account Details Stolen in Internet Radio 8Tracks Breach
Millions of users’ accounts at popular internet radio service 8tracks have been stolen by malicious hackers who are selling the data in underground forums. Hackers have stolen account details from…

Petya Ransomware Outbreak is Wrecking Havoc Across the World
A new ransomware strain similar to WannaCry has been spreading across Europe today, hitting a number of large companies and installations in countries including Russia, the UK, Ukraine, India, Spain,…

The Growing Insider Threat
A security threat originating from within the organization which is targeted or attacked is an insider threat. Insider attacks are rapidly increasing and becoming more prevalent in organizations. In the…

Simple Brute Force Cyberattack Compromises the UK Parliament’s Email System
The British Parliament’s email system was struck by a brute-force attack over the weekend by an unknown adversary who bombarded the system with thousands of login attempts.

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