The Dangers of BYOD
Here are the Dangers of Bring-Your-Own-Device and How to Mitigate Them

Here is the weekly roundup :

WikiLeaks Exposed Three Linux and MacOS Hacking Tools Developed by CIA
WikiLeaks published classified details of CIA program, Imperial, this Thursday, July 27. The confidential files included detailed information on CIA’s tools that has been created to target Apple MacOS and Linux operating systems...

Russian mastermind, Alexander Vinnik, arrested in Greece for laundering funds
Russian Mastermind, Alexander Vinnik, got arrested in Greece for laundering funds from Mt. Gox hack. Vinnik was arrested Tuesday and was accused of laundering more than $4 billion bitcoin and funds he obtained from...

Italy’s largest bank, UniCredit, experiences breach of 400,000 accounts
One of the biggest breaches targeting European banking has occured this year. Italy’s largest bank, UniCredit, experiences breach of 400,000 accounts, and the attack affected hundreds of thousands of customers...

The Turkish Android App Store is Crawling with Malware, a Turkish alternative app store, has been spreading malware through every app in the store. ESET researchers found when users downloaded their desired apps, the app did not appear as described. The app would be camouflaged as a Flash Player...

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