Read our guide: The Role of Incident Response in the Cyber Climate of 2018. 
LastPass Fixes Major Security Flaw in Authenticator App
LastPass, arguably the world’s most popular password manager, has fixed yet another critical security flaw that left its Android app open to an exploit…

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47 Million Emails/Day: Necurs Botnet Launches Massive Ransomware Campaign
The operators of the comprehensive campaign continue to spread the Lack and GlobeImposter ransomware by using a malicious visual basic script…

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Cybercriminals Spoof Millions of Printers, Scanners to Spread Malware
Cybersecurity researchers at Barracuda first witnessed an early attack in late 2017 wherein the attachment provided attackers to begin covert surveillance…

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Cybercriminals Make Crypto Gains with Spoofed Premium Software
Researchers from Kaspersky Lab have discovered a growing number of websites offering various types of “free” versions of premium software packages such as…

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Russian Hacking Group Fancy Bear Has Been Targeting Journalists Since 2014
The Associated Press reports that as at least 200 journalists, bloggers and publishers have been targeted by the hacking group known as…

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The Role of Incident Response in the Cyber Climate of 2018
Check out LIFARS latest guide to learn how to prepare for 2018 incident response. 
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Bad rabbit ransomware guide
Check out LIFARS guide to learn about ransomware's recent campaign Bad Rabbit.
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LIFARS Ransomware

LIFARS offers both proactive and reactive measures when facing Ransomware. From advisory services and training to source detection and remediation, our team of experienced professionals ensure immigrate assistance and expert advice.

Ransomware Forensic Response

LIFARS Forensic Response focuses on detecting the most advanced threats infecting an organization’s network.

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Ransomware readiness

Check out LIFARS  guide to learn about Bad Rabbit ransomware. A malware that uses recycled lines of NotPetya code is distributed through a fake Flash Installer.

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