2018 Global Risks

Learn more about the World Economic Forum's cyberattack warning. 
Chrome, Firefox Extensions Block their Own Removal to Hijack Browsers
These extensions, found in two of the most popular browsers in Chrome and Firefox, block users from removing them by keeping them from pages that detail…

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US Hospital Coughs Up $55,000 to Hackers after Ransomware Attack
A Hancock Regional Hospital official has confirmed that a cyberattack involving ransomware struck and compromised the hospital’s IT system. Hackers demanded a ransom payment of …

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Cyberattacks Ranked the Third Greatest Global Risk in 2018: WEF
According to WEF’s Global Risks Report 2018, the threat of cyberwarfare and cyberattacks affecting the public is the world’s third greatest threat, after natural disasters and…

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Security Researchers Uncover ‘World’s Most Powerful Android Spyware’
Dubbed ‘Skygofree’ due to the name’s usage among one of its domains, the multistage malware enables attackers with full remote control of the compromised device, enabling them to…

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Hackers Steal $400,000 of Cryptocurrency in DNS Hijack
Early on Saturday, January 13, attackers hijacked the DNS entry of the domain BlackWallet.co before redirecting requests to their own server. The ensuing theft saw…

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Data Security and Compliance

Check out this LIFARS article to learn the most up-to-date compliance regulations. 

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What We Learned from Malware & Ransomware in 2017

LIFARS most recent article on 2017's cyber trends and how to help prepare your organization for 2018's possible threats 
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LIFARS Ransomware

LIFARS offers both proactive and reactive measures when facing ransomware. From advisory services and training to source detection and remediation, our team of experienced professionals ensure immediate assistance and expert advice.

Ransomware Forensic Response

LIFARS expert team is able to mitigate the risks of ransomware and refine the security posture of the organization in a swift manner. 

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Role of Incident Response in Cyber Climate of 2018

Learn how to optimize your internal cybersecurity departments with LIFARS latest technical guide on the role of Incident Response in 2018. 


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