Hackers Hit Jackpot 

View demonstration of the ATM compromise sweeping the U.S. 
Google Removes Over 700,000 Malicious Play Store Apps in 2017
In an announcement, Google confirmed it removed 700,000 ‘bad apps’ and stopped an additional 100,000 bad app developers from publishing their applications on Google’s Play Store. To put those numbers into…

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Researchers Discover 119 Meltdown, Spectre Malware Variants in the Wild
Researchers at Fortinet have uncovered a total of 119 malware samples – between January 7 and 22 alone – associated with the Meltdown and Spectre flaws. Upon analyzing their samples, they quickly discovered…

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DDoS and Botnet Attacks Remain Biggest Threat to API Security: Survey
According to a new survey by cybersecurity firm Imperva, some 69% of companies have public-facing APIs offering access to sensitive data behind their applications. The study revealed…

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‘Jackpotting’ ATM Hackers Arrive in the US, Steal Over $1 Million
As reported by Reuters, there is an increasing pattern of “jackpotting” heists wherein hackers compromise ATMs to rapidly deliver massive amounts of cash…

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UK Govt Warns Critical Services to Ramp Up Cybersecurity or Face Fines
Margot James, the UK’s minister for digital and creative industries, has implored brands operating in a number of critical industries including electricity, water, healthcare, air, sea and…

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CISOs Biggest Concerns 2018
Learn about the biggest concerns CISOs will have to face this coming year.
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New York State DFS Part 500 Certification Update
Is your cybersecurity infrastructure in compliance by February 15, 2018?
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What We Learned from Malware & Ransomware in 2017
LIFARS most recent article on 2017's cyber trends and how to help prepare your organization for 2018's possible threats. 
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Data Security and Compliance
Learn about the most up to date compliance regulations with this exclusive LIFARS Article. 
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User Awareness Training 

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Why Should You Care About Streamlining Security Processes?
Learn the benefits of streamlining your organization’s security processes and implementing an incident response team.

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