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Cyberattacks Cost Up to $109 Billion in 2016: White House Report
The report, which contains the estimate from the Economic Advisers’ Council, details a range of cyber threats faced by the US from malicious actors including…

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Gartner Research: Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Solutions are Emerging
In a report titled “Redefining Endpoint Protection for 2017 and 2018’, IT research firm Gartner has identified endpoint detection and research (EDR) solutions entering the cybersecurity market as…

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Telegram Zero-Day Flaw Used to Spread Backdoor, Crypto Miner
The zero-day flaw, based on a Unicode method that uses a right-to-left override (RLO) in coding languages written from right to left like Arabic or Hebrew, has been exploited by hackers to…

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Lazarus Strikes Again With Bitcoin-Stealing Malware Against Banks
Lazarus, an advanced cyber threat group, is commonly believed to be responsible for a slew of major cyberattacks including the WannaCry ransomware outbreak, the 2014 Sony Pictures’ hack and…

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Cryptomining Malware Discovered in US, UK Government Websites
First discovered by British security researcher Scott Helme, the malware attack is the first of its kind wherein a new breed of hackers have launched a comprehensive campaign to…

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How to Combat Ransomware
Learn how to minimize the risk of a ransomware attack.
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CISOs Biggest Concerns 2018
Learn about the biggest concerns CISOs will have to face this coming year.
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