Phishing & Malware Variants

Ransomware Alert: New Phishing Campaign Delivers Malware Variants
First discovered in January, GrandCrab and the operators have frequently updated the ransomware while altering their attack techniques to effectively maximize their…

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Hackers Develop Device to Unlock Every Room in 140,000 Hotels in Under a Minute
It began with a stolen laptop belonging to a friend of Finnish security researcher Tomi Tuominen, who was attending a security conference in Berlin. The theft occurred at…

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Croatian Police Arrest Operator Behind Global DDoS Attack Platform Webstresser is known to have some 136,000 registered users and initiated four million recorded cyber attacks until April this year. A sizable number of the targets were…

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Hackers Target X-Ray, MRI Machines in Healthcare Corporate Espionage
Dubbed ‘Orangeworm’, the attack group was first identified in January 2015 and has since been observed installing custom backdoors called Trojan.Kwampirs with large …

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We Have “a Full Spectrum. Of Response Options” to Cyberattacks: DHS Secretary
Speaking at the RSA cybersecurity conference in San Francisco, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary Kristjen Nielsen made it clear that the United States has a…

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency: Investment Prospects & Hacking Incidents
A complete guide to cryptocurrency
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Data Breach Response Plan
A complete guide to a data breach response plan
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Red Teaming
A complete guide to red teaming
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Are There Hardware Vulnerabilities In The Cyber Command?
Journal of Cyber Policy
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Protecting your crown jewels should be among the top priorities of your IT security team, but fighting off cybercriminals is not an even battle. A breach is a serious matter that can turn costly very quickly. With LIFARS Incident Response retainer-based services, a breach will be handled quickly and effectively, ensuring minimal business impact and ensuring business continuity.

Data Breach Response
The LIFARS Elite Incident Response team has decades of experience and knows how to handle data breaches and emergency situations with military precision throughout the entire lifecycle.
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Role of Incident Response in Cyber Climate of 2018
Learn more on how to optimize your internal cybersecurity departments with LIFARS latest technical guide on the role of Incident Response in 2018.
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