Equifax Fallout Continues

FBI Report: Cyber-Fraud Losses Stack up Over $1.4 Billion
According to the yearly FBI Internet crime report, the top threats include well-established trends like phishing, ransomware and whaling, alongside new attack vectors in tech support fraud, non-payment scams and even…

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Firefox Takes Major Leap Toward Killing Passwords with WebAuthn Tech
With Mozilla’s release of Firefox 60, the new browser supports a technology called WebAuthn (Web Authentication) that enables users to access websites…

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$300,000: Mirai DDoS Attack on Security Blog Hits Hard for Device Owners
The Mirai botnet attack enslaved IoT devices including CCTV cameras, smart home systems, routers and more to trigger a massive DDoS attack in 2016. Operators of the botnet took advantage of…

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Equifax Fallout Continues with Driver License and Passport Details Stolen
In the letter, Equifax said that some 38,000 drivers’ licenses and 3,200 passport details had also been compromised during the breach that exposed the details of 146.6 million customers…

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Report: Chinese Government Behind Decade of Software Firm Hacks
According to a 49-page report published Thursday, the hackers used phishing emails as recently as March in a campaign to target Gmail and Office 365 accounts. They made serious operational security errors…

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Zero-Day Exploits
A complete guide to understanding Zero-Day threats
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Cybersecurity Regulations Improvement
Learn how your organization can better manage and administer cyber regulations
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