Router Cyberattack Wave

FBI: Russians Hacked 500 Thousand Home and Office Routers
On Friday, the FBI warned that Russian computer hackers had compromised hundreds of thousands of home and office routers in an attempt to collect…

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Russia Denies Planning a Router Botnet Cyberattack on Ukraine
Ukraine’s SBU security service warned of an imminent malware threat of hundreds of thousands of routers preparing for an assault on Ukraine, squarely pointing the finger at …

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Forget Hurricanes: Florida’s Election Officials Told to Plan for Cyberattacks
When asked if they have a specific plan for combating or sustaining cyberattacks, only a third of Florida’s 67 county election supervisors and assistants …

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New Malware That Can Brick Wi-Fi Routers Hits 500,000 Devices
Dubbed VPNFilter, the malware has hit broadband routers and Wi-Fi devices from Linksys, TP-Link and Negear, among others, across 54 countries. Cisco’s Talos security group says…

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Study: Ransomware Narrows in on New Target – Supply Chains
According to new research from Dimension Data, the NTT Security 2018 Global Threat Intelligence report has revealed a soaring increase in cybersecurity attacks targeting…

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Teen Phone Monitoring App Leaks Thousands of Plaintext Passwords
Billed as a ‘secure’ monitoring app for both iOS and Android, Teensafe allows parents to check on their child’s location, monitor their call activity, access their web browsing and…

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Zero-Day Exploits 
A complete guide to understanding Zero-Day threats
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Cybersecurity Regulations Improvement
Learn how your organization can better manage and administer cyber regulations
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Incident Response Retainer
With our Incident Response retainer-based solution, a breach will be handled quickly and effectively, with minimal business impact.
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Red Teaming
A complete guide on red teams and red teaming processes. 

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