Amazon Data Breach
Amazon hit with a Data Breach right before Black Friday
Amazon was hit with a data breach just days before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the biggest shopping time of the year. The major data breach exposed names and email addresses of…
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VirtualBox Unpatched Zero-Day Vulnerability and Exploit Released Online
A Major Oracle VirtualBox Zero-Day vulnerability and exploit were released by a disgruntled security researcher. The vulnerability affects versions of VirtualBox up to 5.2.20. The vulnerability allows…
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Raspberry Pi Used for Data Breach?
The Raspberry Pi is a small, credit card sized computer that was originally designed for children to learn how to program. It comes with Linux distribution that although is slower in power is very…
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Avoiding Holiday Scams
As the 2018 holiday season kicks off, consumers head online looking for the best deals and prices. The number of online shoppers grows each year becoming especially heavy during…
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Microsoft’s Multi-Factor Authentication Failure Impacts Office 365 Users Globally
The global outage impacted multifactor authentication services to leave users stranded from being able to use their Office products with the lack of a secondary six-digit code required to…
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