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Super Bowl Targeted By Hackers
As the Super Bowl approaches this weekend hackers will be looking to target NFL fans. Protecting such a huge event is crucial both physically and in the cyber space. Fans watching the game…
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Authorities Shutdown XDedic Marketplace
Authorities shutdown the XDedic Marketplace, after staying in operation for years selling hacked servers. The black market website known as a “hacker’s dream” sold compromised…
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Apple Disables Group FaceTime After Major Privacy Flaw
A major security flaw let iOS users make calls and eavesdrop into other iPhone users’ conversations, even when calls were not picked up. The allowed malicious users access to microphones and…
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WordPress Sites Hit With a Zero-Day
WordPress sites using the Total Donations plugin were hit with a zero-day attack due to multiple design flaws in the code. The Wordfence Threat Intelligence team found several critical vulnerabilities in…
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