73,000 Private IP Security Cameras Are Accessible to Anyone

As you might be already aware, many users don’t change the default administration login on their Wi-Fi routers. This in turn can lead to an easy unauthorized reconfiguration of your router by an outside actor. What’s even worse, there are tens of thousands of IP security cameras with the same issue.

A website (insecam.com) sprung up recently that brings attention to this fact in an unusual way. It allows the users access to security cameras all around the world that have not been set up. During my visit to the site, many of the cameras seemed to not work. Some however did. What’s very concerning (for the owners) is that some of the cameras on the website could even be controlled remotely!

The website makers claim they want to bring attention to how widespread this issue is. The cameras are listed by countries, with the US leading the list, followed by Korea. Globally, there’s about 73,000 not configured IP security cameras, of which over 11,000 is in the US. The Insecam site helps users set up their cameras properly in the F.A.Q. section of the website.

If you own a security camera and are not sure about whether you have it properly set up, make sure to visit the site, see if your camera is listed there, and read the instructions on setting it up properly, along with how to have it removed from the website’s list.