LIFARS Managed Threat Hunting and Response Service (MTH&R)

LIFARS Managed Threat Hunting and Response Service (MTH&R) was designed to help customers uncover adversaries across your Endpoint, Network and SIEM data. Our elite team has decades of combined experience working within their Governmental CSIRT responding and hunting for adversaries from 100's of attacks, including Ransomware and APT's.

Here is why customers choose LIFARS MTH&R Service…
Here is why customers choose LIFARS MTH and R Service


Powered by LIFARS Computer Security Incident Response Team (LISIRT)

LIFARS formed a Computer Security Incident Response Team called LISIRT for your benefit.
LIFARS formed a Computer Security Incident Response Team called LISIRT for your benefit. It leverages its team members’ decades of combined experience from their Governmental CSIRT working on numerous incidents including Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), ransomware and data breaches as well as pentesting governmental bodies, performing digital forensics and malware analysis. This elite team of seasoned professionals will be at your disposal in case of suspected attack against your company. LISIRT team has been listed in TF-CSIRT Trusted Introducer.



LIFARS Managed Cybersecurity Threat Hunting and Response Service MTHandR

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LIFARS MTH&R Service Includes:

The Daily TRUTH

The Daily T.R.U.T.H. proactive cyber threat hunt where LIFARS will be searching for potential threats living in your network

  • LIFARS Senior THREAT HUNTERS conducting Daily Threat Hunts within your infrastructure (Endpoint, Network, SIEM)
  • Identify indicators of compromise (IOCs), anomalous behavior within your environment, and behavior consistent with the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) known to be used by threat actors
  • LIFARS Threat intelligence gained from responding to 100’s of ransomware attacks including the most sophisticated attacks during COVID-19 era.
  • Quarterly Internal and External Vulnerability Scan

Dark Web Scan


  • Identify and Protect Account Takeover (ATO) fraud by scanning for stolen credentials
  • Create Watch Lists based on Key Words you provide to identify a threat to your organization
  • Understand if your organization is a potential victim or target of a ransomware attack
  • Enhance your protection with intelligence on emergent malware

LIFARS Incident Response and Digital Forensics SLA

LIFARS Incident Response and Digital Forensics SLA

  • 24 Hour En Route Response
  • 8 Hour Remote Response
  • 2 Hour Phone de-brief
  • 24/7 LIFARS Incident Response Hotline

*Annual Retainer Included Free

Deployment of LIFARS Strategic Partner Technologies

Data Breach Response
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  • Next Generation EDR
  • Next Generation Mobile EDR
  • Enterprise Network Detection
  • Cyber Deception Technology