The Daily T.R.U.T.H. - New and innovative network threats control cyber defense solution

The Daily TRUTH - LIFARS’ New and Innovative Cyber Defense Solution

As the pandemic grows, threat actors are taking advantage of businesses and organizations. LIFARS offers daily proactive threat hunt of potential threats living on your network.

The Daily TRUTH - New Cybersecurity Solution from LIFARS

During these trying times, companies’ priorities and focus are on issues such as protecting resource health, supporting a remote workforce and preparing for global financial crisis.

LIFARS, known as one of the leading companies in incident response and forensics services, sees that cyber security teams are stretched thin and are distracted from the prime objective of fighting off the bad guys.

As the health pandemic grow and priorities change, LIFARS DAILY Truth will provide a temporary daily proactive cyber threat hunt search of your network for potential threats.


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In Response to the Current Cybersecurity Threats, LIFARS is Offering New and Innovative Cyber Defense Solutions

The Daily TRUTH - Network threats control - new cybersecurity solution from LIFARSThe Daily TRUTH – Temporary Remote Universal Threat Hunt.

  • A daily, proactive threat hunt to uncover the adverse actors on your network;
  • A daily report on our findings;
  • Weekly and monthly reports to track the changes and progress;
  • A month-to-month service designed to augment and complement your existing security department.

During these trying times, with your IT and Cybersecurity Teams diverted, LIFARS DAILY TRUTH will provide a daily cyber threat hunt on your network, on a temporary basis.
No long term commitments – Only the support you need – For as long as you need it.

The Daily TRUTH. – Temporary Remote Universal Threat Hunt. New Cybersecurity Solution from LIFARS:

The Daily TRUTH -Temporary Remote Universal Threat Hunt Cybersecurity Solution from LIFARS

Cyber Security Risks Related to the Novel Coronavirus – COVID 19


Gap Analysis testing as well as remediation guidance for your remote work cyber infrastructure.

Gap Analysis testing as well as remediation guidance for your remote work cyber infrastructure

LIFARS Short-Term Incident Response Retainer

LIFARS Short Term Incident Response Retainer

Cyber Criminals are Leveraging ? Coronavirus (COVID-19) to Boost Profit.


Expert Guidance

Our experts in cyber defense, proactive network threat hunt, and technical innovation help you meet your business and cybersecurity objectives.

Effective controls

Proactive cyber threat hunt where LIFARS will be searching for potential threats living in your network

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