Managed Detection and Response - Incident Digital Forensics Analysis

Managed Detection and Response Incident Digital Forensics Analysis premieres our optimized Cybersecurity combo-offering that features ongoing expert incident response, forensics, and remediation with additions to include proactive threat hunting services. Enhance your existing SOC's effectiveness with expert incident response, forensics, remediation, proactive threat hunting and more.

Managed Response and Containment (MRC)

Have an internal SoC, but not enough qualified staff to triage SoC alerts? Leave the heavy work to LIFARS your trusted cybersecurity advisors with our Managed Incident Response. We enhance your existing SOC’s effectiveness. We optimize responses to your alerts by your SOC with intelligence concerning advanced hackers Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) and Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) that are not available to every provider of Incident Response. We further enrich alert responses with our unique skillset to conduct complex memory carving of IOCs. One of the most frequently attacked vectors by your adversaries that typically go undetected.


Managed Response and Remediation Process

  • Review: Our team performs a manual review & confirmation of high/critical alerts provided by your SOC
  • Respond: We provide an update with remediation recommendation needed
  • Remediate: Work with your team to rectify the issues for alert

Managed Detection and Response – Incident Digital Forensics Analysis

Our Managed Response & Remediation Threat Hunting Service is coupled with the MRR Solution to conduct hunts on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Leveraging our unique experience with public and non-public TTP’s and IOCs.  We leverage the latest IOC’s and data analytics algorithms based on the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures that attackers are known to use. We utilize Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Behavioral Forensic Artifacts, and Threat Intelligence to detect ongoing or zero-day cyberattacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

Our proprietary methodology and Threat Intelligence enriches your existing security fabric and accelerates the hunt and identification of IOCs, TTPs, and threats that have gone previously undetected. The LIFARS process incorporates a stochastic probability of confirming a compromise, examining of both false positives and negatives to ensure accuracy during IOC identification and pattern matching to identify compromises and weak areas within the environment. This methodology is a standardized procedure applied to all hunt engagements we conduct.


MRR Threat Hunting Process

  • We define key objectives for each hunt mission we engage.
  • Our experts interrogate and collect security data from your SoC and alerts we have actioned.
  • We conduct overview to uncover IOCs, malicious patterns, symptoms and adversarial Tactics, Techniques and Procedures.
  • Deeper insights and reporting to provide optimal recommendations


  • We provide proprietary IOC’s and TTPs not available to your SOC.
  • Enhancement of your security team’s capabilities to get more value from your existing SOC.
  • Provide response to address your high and critical security alerts from our experienced forensics experts and incident response teams.
  • Optimized visibility into the nature of your alerts within the network.
  • Greater visibility into your network and pattern of threats you face, we can provide valuable insights on ways to improve your overall security posture.