LIFARS Cyber Incident Response Team handles data breach response and emergency situations

Data Breach Response

If you learned that adversaries got hold of the data you are protecting, may it be customer, proprietary, or other sensitive information, you should contact LIFARS immediately. When dealing with data breaches, time is of the essence and the initial 24 hours after the discovery are critical. LIFARS handles data breaches with military precision and ensures that root cause is found, eliminated, and detailed forensics are performed to discover all compromised information.

How LIFARS Responds to Data Breaches

LIFARS Computer Security Incident Response Team (LISIRT) will effectively manage data breach response, examine digital evidence and compromised systems for forensic artifacts of threat actor’s actions and lateral movement. We will also determine the scope of data exfiltration, including social security numbers, driver licenses, health records, or any other sensitive data. LIFARS will provide you with expertise to:

  • stop additional data loss
  • collect and preserve court admissible evidence
  • perform digital forensics
  • document and record the incident and the process
  • assist with involving law enforcement/regulators
  • notify affected parties under your industry requirements
  • fix vulnerabilities and implement measures to prevent further attacks

Military Precision

Our Incident Response and Digital Forensic Team has worked on a variety of cases ranging from minor intrusions to high-profile, multinational security breaches with Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies across the globe. We strike with military precision and execution to identify and contain the threat upon arrival to prevent further damage to your brand and reputation. LIFARS leverages knowledge from previous cases for your benefit. Our database of threat actors’ techniques, tactics and procedures (TTPs) and collected set of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) enables us to act swiftly and strategically.

LIFARS on Retainer

With LIFARS on IR Retainer our experts are a natural extension of your internal information security and IT team. We will assess your IR preparedness and assist with filling identified security gaps. You will have a detailed plan and protocol to follow when a breach occurs. Our experts will train your staff by conducting tabletop exercises and prepare you for the worst-case scenario.

Digital Forensics Services and Expert Witnesses Testimony for Hacking compromise court matters, and Digital Forensic Services, Forensic hard disk imaging


Streamlined communication with stakeholders helps in quicker decision-making. We will help you answer the important questions your stakeholders are asking:
• Why has this happened?
• Was the attacker able to access sensitive information?
• How many individuals are affected?
• Have you been able to identify the attackers?
• Is an employee responsible for this?

LIFARS Will Assess Your Incident Response Preparedness and Assist With Identifying Security Gaps

Recovery and Post Incident Reporting

Upon containing the immediate threat, we will work with your internal IT teams to undergo a complete infection removal process and system restoration. Our IR Report includes a prioritized listing of recommended actions to elevate your cyber resiliency to prevent similar attacks in the future. This will also enable you to evaluate the of inaccuracies in policies and procedures, communication schemas and adequacy of your technical controls and tools.



LIFARS incident response and digital forensics experts with experience in leading governmental and military IR teams will address and neutralize threat actors attacking your organization with speed and precision.


Our IR team can quickly adapt to your immediate needs. We have a proven track record of engagements in multiple industry sectors and handling incidents in complex networks.


Our Incident Response Management Service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with active response within minutes.


Continuous updates to your management tier of our ongoing progress.