LIFARS Forensics Services and Digital Investigations

LIFARS Cyber Security Forensics Services and Forensic Review Process

LIFARS is a trusted elite digital security solutions company. We were established in 2012 with an abundance of experience in the field of cybersecurity. We provide cutting-edge digital forensics, security, advisory services.

LIFARS Cyber Emergency Response.

Cyber securty Incident Response Retainer Solution LIFARSOur Incident Response Retainer Solution is different from what you may have been accustomed to. We eliminate uncertainty when responding to a breach and provide a highly skilled elite Incident Response team at your service with unmatched SLA-based response times, decades of experience and a formidable track record. Our foundation and methodology developed over the course of 20 years of Digital Forensic engagements for high-profile events around the world.
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LIFARS Digital Forensics Laboratory in New York.

New York Cyber defense, LIFARS Cyber security LaboratoryFor mission critical systems, the LIFARS Incident Response Team is deployed to the local enterprise environment.
The LIFARS digital forensics process then laterally engages to affected systems and potentially compromised endpoints in the network with high speed and precision.
Our mission is to minimize the threat surface, minimize the extent of the compromise, and minimize the damage associated with the cyber attack.
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LIFARS Data Breach Response Team.

LIFARS Data Breach Response TeamOur Cyber Security Incident Response and Digital Forensic highly skilled team of professionals will effectively manage data breach response, examine digital evidence and compromised systems for forensic artifacts of threat actor actions, lateral movement and data exfiltration, including social security numbers, driver licenses, health records, or any other sensitive data. The best trained experts and minds are needed to address threat actor that attack your organization.
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LIFARS Ransomware Response Team.

LIFARS Ransomware Response TeamOur Cyber Incident Response Team provides an elite response for your organization after a Ransomware or Cyber Extortion Incident. Our expert team will provide a fast and effective response that can help minimize the damage and cost associated with ransomware and cyber extortion attacks.
LIFARS executes Bitcoin payments and establishes cyber secure perimeter guided with proper regulatory and legal oversight.
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LIFARS Digital Forensics Team.

LIFARS Digital Forensics ServicesOur team has conducted a large number of high-profile matters in civil and criminal proceedings, incident response review, including analysis of advanced malware engineered by sophisticated state-sponsored attackers. Our digital forensics lab and client-centric team offer a tailored solution for your digital forensic requirements. Forensics Services specialize in getting to the bottom of every case with deep science and industry experience.
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Ransomware Decryption and Bitcoin Payments

LIFARS has an alliance with a trusted party with access to over 5,000 bitcoins at any moment.The LIFARS Cyber Incident Response Team provides an elite customized response for your organization after a Ransomware or Cyber Extortion Incident. LIFARS can execute Bitcoin payments on your behalf, and establish a cyber secure perimeter guided with proper legal and regulatory oversight. Ransomware Response and Cyber Extortion containment is our expertise. Cyber extortion and ransomware attacks are rapidly growing and becoming a large percentage of cyber crime.
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Business Email Compromise
Detect and Prevent Email Fraud

Business email Compromise-Cyber-Enabled Financial Fraud on the Rise GloballyBusiness Email Compromise (BEC). Cyber-Enabled Financial Fraud on the Rise Globally.
The worldwide financial impact is large, with the US’s FBI in 2017 reporting losses, “…now totaling over $3 billion.
At its heart, BEC relies on the oldest trick in the con artist’s handbook: deception. But the level of sophistication in this multifaceted global fraud is unprecedented, according to law enforcement officials, and professional business people continue to fall victim to the scheme.

Carried out by transnational criminal organizations that employ lawyers, linguists, hackers, and social engineers, BEC can take a variety of forms.

But in just about every case, the scammers target employees with access to company finances and trick them into making wire transfers to bank accounts thought to belong to trusted partners—except the money ends up in accounts controlled by the criminals.

LIFARS Mission

Our mission is to help businesses defend their networks and reputation by providing elite cybersecurity solutions with military-style Incident Response and Digital Forensics.

Through decades of hands-on experience on high-profile cases, we have unique position on the cybersecurity battlefield and our mission objective is clear: protecting our clients business.​

Providing a balance between proactive and reactive responses to the infinite threats involved in doing business on the Internet, our services range from Data Breach Response to Bitcoin Payments Protection.
Being realistic, we know that crises will occur, so our experience in Cyber Incident Response, Ransomware Response, and Digital Forensics allows us to identify the problems and recover from such incidents.

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