LIFARS is a highly technical, New York City based incident response and digital forensics firm


LIFARS is a highly technical, New York City based incident response and digital forensics firm specializing in proactive and reactive solutions to optimize your organization's cybersecurity exposure.

Ondrej Krehel founded LIFARS in 2012, when he noticed the security gap existing between organizations and their information. Building the company on a commitment in establishing a safe, environment for our clients, Ondrej takes pride and dedication in putting our clients first.

Ondrej Krehel, CEO & Founder of LIFARS is recognized world-wide for his Digital Forensic expertise and Ethical Hacking

Providing both reactive and proactive solutions to our clients ranging from data breach response, digital forensics, tabletop exercises, penetration testing, cloud security compliance.

LIFARS has become a global leader in digital forensics, and cyber resiliency services, with team members located across North America and Europe.
Named the top 20 cybersecurity company in New York and the top 500 cybersecurity company globally, LIFARS has achieved immense market recognition and success with our solutions.

Our solutions are based off the industry’s best practices and experience spanning across decades of working on high profile events. LIFARS has often worked alongside law enforcement agencies around the world, including the FBI, DHS, DOJ, and Europol.


What sets us apart? Trust. The basis of any positive relationship is trust, and our pledge to our clients fulfills your expectation that our response to your needs will be immediate, professional, and knowledgeable. It’s what you demand. It’s what you deserve. It’s what we deliver.


LIFARS’ Vision: To continue being  the leading authority in Cyber Resilience and Digital Forensics.

LIFARS’ Mission:
To defend our client’s networks and reputation by providing leading Cyber Resiliency Programs and Solutions.

LIFARS’ Credo:

  • The success of LIFARS is dependent upon the quality and performance of its people. As the employee I am the company’s most valuable resource.
  • I am dedicated to upholding our cultural beliefs, to providing service excellence to clients, partners and colleagues and to developing innovative solutions.
  • I am committed to embracing change and promoting an inclusive ethical business environment that fosters teamwork.
  • It is through our dedicated efforts to build a diverse and inclusive work environment that we can exceed our customer’s expectations with integrity and outstanding results.

LIFARS’ Core Values:

  • Results-Focused: We share accountability for achieving our client’s as well as our own results.
  • Resourceful: We leverage our collective knowledge and experiences to influence a positive outcome.
  • Communication: We consistently communicate in an effective, respectful and timely manner.
  • Collaboration: We obtain the perspective of others and share our own to achieve outstanding results.
  • Mutual Respect: We treat our clients respectfully and expect that our clients reciprocate the same.
  • Feedback and Development: We ask for and provide appropriate and constructive feedback to further develop ourselves and others.
Ondrej Krehel CEO LIFARS

“At LIFARS we believe that cyber security is a matter of trust…that is why most of our services are rendered onsite on your premises to establish a personal relationship.”

Ondrej Krehel - CEO/Founder

Leadership Solutions Has Its Rewards

LIFARS believes that a strong market solution connected with a resilient team has been the reason for the success of our company and why it better serves our customers. We have many strong testimonials from clients around the country and the world. They tell the story of our leadership in the fight for cybersecurity. Our client satisfaction inspires our team to constantly provide best of class solutions.

Awards and Accolades