From data loss prevention to ransomware vaccine, we are constantly developing new tools to combat the evolving cyber threat landscape.

Proactive Security Services: Building Sustainable Cyber Resiliency

LIFARS is an industry leader that develops proactive strategies and tactics against evolving cybersecurity threats. Our services such as comprehensive gap assessment, red-teaming, penetration testing, threat hunting and vulnerability assessment reveal a company’s vulnerabilities. Our vCISOs will ensure your optimal cybersecurity strategy and adequate posture.

LIFARS’ continuous involvement with fending off nation-state attacks enable us to develop powerful proactive cyber services for you. From data loss prevention to ransomware vaccine, we are constantly developing new tools to combat the evolving cyber threat landscape. Our vCISOs will ensure your optimal cybersecurity business strategy and adequate posture.

Managed Threat Hunting and Response Service (MTH&R)

LIFARS Computer Security Incident Response Team (LISIRT) will be an extension of your security team and can fully manage the Threat Hunting processLIFARS Managed Threat Hunting and Response Service (MTH&R) was designed to help customers uncover adversaries across your Endpoint, Network and SIEM data. Our elite team has decades of combined experience working within their Governmental CSIRT responding and hunting for adversaries from 100’s of attacks, including Ransomware and APT’s.
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Remote Cyber Security Solutions Suite

Innovative Remote Worker Cyber Resilience SuiteThe mass workforce transformation that we are living through, trending toward telecommuters, increases the pool of cyber victims and encourages attackers to make the effort. Along with this shift, LIFARS is observing increased variation of attacks and increased susceptibility to attacks.
In Response to the Current Cybersecurity Threats, LIFARS is Offering New and Innovative Remote Cyber Defense Solutions:

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Penetration Testing – Hacking the Computer Code.

LIFARS Penetration Testing Team - Test the real-world effectiveness of your security controls while achieving compliance and protecting your brandEthical hacking and exploitation is a core expertise of our penetration testers and our red team members. Our experts performing these offensive security activities are behaving as intruders trying to get into the company and its network, servers, or workstations.

Our Cyber Resiliency Experts strategically attack your internal IT Systems, the same way a malicious hacker would. This process is implemented to uncover active security gaps within your network. Our penetration tests are administered in a safe simulated attack environment, to discover your organizations potential compromised points and weak entry vectors, with minimum impact on your network.
We start the process with an initial consultation to define your requirements, protocols and mission.

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Post Ransomware Threat Hunting Services

LIFARS is offering new and innovative service for the victims of ransomware attacksLIFARS is offering new and innovative service for the victims of ransomware attacks. Find out if your infrastructure is still controlled by adversaries after you contained the imminent ransomware threat.

This behavior was observed throughout several instances of various ransomware incidents by the Ryuk, Revil and Maze operators.

This means that once ransomware has been removed from the network, a second “race” starts: making sure that the threat actor has been completely rooted out of the network, and that there is no backdoor still communicating back to the Command and Control servers…

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Managed Response and Containment (MRC)

managed-detection-and-response-incident-digital-forensicsManaged Detection and Response Incident Digital Forensics Analysis premieres our optimized Cybersecurity combo-offering that features ongoing expert incident response, forensics, and remediation with additions to include proactive threat hunting services. Enhance your existing SOC’s effectiveness with expert incident response, forensics, remediation, proactive threat hunting and more.
Have an internal SoC, but not enough qualified staff to triage SoC alerts? Leave the heavy work to LIFARS your trusted cybersecurity advisors with our Managed Incident Response. We enhance your existing SOC’s effectiveness. We optimize responses to your monitored alerts by your SOC with intelligence concerning advanced hackers Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) and Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) that are not available to every provider of Incident Response.

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LIFARS Secure Code Review.

Lifars Secure Code Review Reduce overall development costsOur Secure Code Review methodology adheres to recognized and well-respected industry frameworks, including OWASP Software Security Assurance Process (OSSAP), ITIL Version 3 Service Lifecycle for Application Support, ISO/IEC 27034, NIST SP 800-37/64, and others.
Threat Modeling has become an essential part of SDLC and ensures that applications under development have security built-in from the beginning. It helps to understand specific threats an application will face and implement defensive measures. Our Cyber Resiliency Experts develop proactive Threat Models that use the attacker’s viewpoint to assess threats and documents each step of the process.
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LIFARS Cloud Security Compliance.

lifars cloud security complianceOur Cyber Resiliency Team will assess your existing environments and help in the selection of the right solutions and configurations to align the same level of security in the cloud to match the security deployment in your data center.
As part of our Cloud Security Compliance Solution, our Cyber Resiliency Experts thoroughly scan your cloud environment and additionally flag all sensitive information to ensure review and data protection.
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Cyber Threat Hunting.

Threat Hunting Threat IntelligenceCyber Threat Hunting is an essential exercise to proactively hunt potential compromises, detect advanced threats, and improve cyber defenses. Our experts orchestrate an exhaustive and iterative process with purpose-built tools to conduct manual and semi-automated series of searches for Indicators of Compromise (IOC) and Initial Vectors of Compromise (IVOC).
Our Threat Intelligence protocol helps your organization identify an ongoing and past cyberattack. LIFARS Cyber Resiliency analysts familiarize themselves with your company’s environment and effectively filter out key events that need closer examination.
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Phishing Attack Simulation

phishing attack simulationOur Cyber Resiliency Team will simulate a real phishing attack to your organization and based on the results collected and our in-depth analysis of the company email system (encryption, protocols, filters, etc.), we will help optimize the system to increase the overall security posture to help keep cybercriminals from entering your network.
Our team will follow up by conducting an audit of the entire email system to help identify gaps in your security. We will examine email use within your organization for a period of time and based on the results collected and our own experience we will set up filters, whitelists, and blacklists to prevent common and advanced (targeted) email attacks on your organization.
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LIFARS is the global leader in Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Ransomware Mitigation, and Cyber Resiliency Services.

There are many companies that offer cybersecurity services. What sets us apart? Trust. The basis of any positive relationship is trust, and our pledge to our clients fulfills your expectation that our response to your needs will be immediate, professional, and knowledgeable. It’s what you demand. It’s what you deserve. It’s what we deliver.

In order to feel confident in the services your company offers, you need to be sure your customers are, above all, safe when they choose to do business with you. That’s why Cloud Security Compliance, Phishing Attack Simulation, and Cyber Security Threat Hunting give us the opportunity to anticipate possible areas of vulnerability.