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Cybersecurity Advisory and Consulting Services

LIFARS cyber security and risk advisory consultants - technical capability to develop advisories and mitigations on evolving cybersecurity threats.

LIFARS provides tactical and strategic advice used by clients to increase their organizational security maturity level. This counsel is provided after evaluating a client’s:

  • Endpoint Security (protection, detection and response mechanisms recommended for securing enterprise systems, servers and user stations);
  • Enterprise Security (hardening of policies and enterprise-wide services);
  • Security Architecture (recommendations to increase security maturity level);
  • Network Security (recommendations to increase the security level of network systems, devices and connections);
  • Security Operations (recommendations for daily cybersecurity management);
  • IR Program (preparedness and readiness recommendations to address future cybersecurity incidents);
  • Corporate Security Awareness (raising the awareness of potential security issues and vulnerabilities, including by regular penetration tests and threat hunting).

The general first step in most engagements involves understanding the current security level of network systems, devices and connections. For example, LIFARS may conduct a comprehensive architecture gap analysis and review assessment. LIFARS also can conduct internal and external penetration testing as well as cyber simulated attacks and internal phishing testing.

Clients will learn from the pen test and technical security audit results and adapt their configurations accordingly. LIFARS also helps clients create a cyber security roadmap that encompasses related cyber maturity and resiliency frameworks and advises on creating clear and enforceable cyber policies and guidelines across the enterprise. During this process, clients harden and reinforce their enterprise system security, including with network devices, active directory, and security devices and evaluate a network asset management discovery and mapping solution. LIFARS also enhances a client’s best practices by deploying offensive and defensive red and blue teams to test breach sceneries.

Examples of related services include perimeter devices audits and reviews of related policies and blocking/prevention rules, testing of IPS/IDS systems for perimeter and internal traffic, implementation of two-factor authentication for production and development systems, and the implementation of network security monitoring solutions. And, should a compromise impact a client, LIFARS can quickly move in with a staff that includes several of the best malware engineers on the planet to provide specialized malware analysis (including reverse engineering) for APTs, nation state attacks, FIN6, memory implants, ransomware, and other crimeware.


LIFARS also Offers the Following Additional Advisory Services

LIFARS CISO as a Service

LIFARS Chief Information Security Officer Solution

CISO as a Service is designed to address organizations information security leadership needs LIFARS’ CISO as a Service is designed to address organizations’ information security leadership needs. Our CISOs are highly skilled at establishing, improving, and transforming Cybersecurity Programs focused on maximizing business values by minimizing risks and optimizing opportunities.
Their over 20 years of security, risk, and compliance leadership experience encompassed various industries, and globally dispersed organizations.
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LIFARS Gap Assessment Solution

Solution for Information & Cybersecurity, Compliance and Risk Gap Assessment

LIFARS-Gap-Assessment-SolutionGap Assessment Solution is designed to ascertain your comprehensive information security, risk and compliance status (current). Not only we determine your current state along with your risk appetite and tolerance, we also provide you with actionable roadmap to reach target maturity level including strategy, structure, governance, and operations management plan.

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LIFARS Cyber Resiliency Program

Cyber Resilience and Response Subscription Program

LIFARS-Cyber-Resiliency-and-Response-Subscription-ProgramSubscription Program, provides the manpower and expertise to immediately respond and remediate to cyber incidents and breaches, in addition to providing a full array of services to increase your company’s cyber resiliency.
This program provides the ultimate protection from proactive services to increase your cybersecurity posture to having forensic team at the ready should you need to make a cyber 911 call.

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LIFARS Compliance Advisory

Solution for Your Sustainable Compliance

LIFARS Solution for Your Sustainable ComplianceLIFARS’ competitive advantage is its proprietary systematic process, developed over a span of 20 years enriched by some of the most High-Profile engagements in the world. The LIFARS’ methodology outperforms our competitors in length of engagement and quality of work, incorporating the following industry standards:

  • The Open Source Security Testing Methodology
  • Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)
  • ISO 27001 Best practices, BS 7799
  • Industry Frameworks (BITS/FSTC/NIST SP 800-30)
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-115
  • Technical Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment
  • Compliance and regulatory frameworks ()

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LIFARS Cloud Security Advisory Services

Cloud is more than a place, a journey, or a technology.

cloud-security-risk-assessmentCloud security compliance program is used for assessing cloud risks, capabilities and controls across the enterprise and to determine the strategy and a roadmap for ongoing risk assessment and remediation. LIFARS focuses on cloud security risk assessment and management of the clients in the region ensuring that policies and standards are met and fulfilled as it relates.
A cloud security risk assessment can help your enterprise to identify the risks, evaluate current controls, identify gaps or weaknesses and provide recommendations tailored to business priorities. We can help you assess and identify areas of improvement in your security posture and work with you to fix your compliance shortfalls.

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LIFARS Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)

Proactive & Reactive Cyber Project Management Solution

project-management-as-a-serviceLIFARS PMaaS is designed to assist you to successfully plan and deliver time constrained high- profile security projects.

Our highly proficient projects managers with extensive background in addressing various security projects including major incident response and pre-breach controls implementation are astute to address your urgencies.
LIFARS’ experienced Project Managers can fully manage or rescue your sensitive projects while focusing on the below:

  • Quickly planning while considering cultural intangibles and key stakeholders needs.
  • Productively executing to ensure schedule, cost, and quality are met as planned.
  • Smoothly transitioning to ensure adequate operations.

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LIFARS Tabletop Exercises

Preparing for Cyber Incidents.

LIFARS Tabletop Exercises - Preparing for Cyber IncidentsOur Tabletop Exercises are individually tailored to meet the specific data protection needs of each client. LIFARS experts identify and interview essential personnel to understand your company’s distinct capabilities and existing contingency plans, then use this information to formulate a custom data-breach scenario based on our real-world experience.

Simulate cyber emergency incidents to evaluate your organization’s key personnel, and processes.  During the simulation we provide your incident response team with the opportunity to hone the practical skills they will need to confront inevitable real-world threats.

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LIFARS Cyber Resiliency Training

Cyber Awareness and Training

LIFARS Cyber Security Awareness and Training - Cyber Resiliency TrainingWe provide highly focused skill training and practical experience to address the cyber workforce security needs for your organization. Our program is a flexible curriculum in scope, length, and content to suit the particular needs of our clients. Training can be administered in half-day, full-day, or multiple-day training sessions; online or on-premises sessions. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Incident Response Training
  • Technical Training
  • User Awareness Training
  • Executive Training
  • Other additional cybersecurity training options upon your request

The training curriculum is designed solemnly on the needs of our clients. Creating a more wholesome and qualitative experience. We include real-world examples and provide use cases and practical hands-on exercises to our program attendants to create a more intuitive experience for trainees to master the topic.

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