LIFARS Cyber Resiliency Program

Cyber Resilience and Response Subscription Program


Time is of the essence when cyber-attacks happens.
The LIFARS Cyber Resilience and Response Subscription Program, provides the manpower and expertise to immediately respond and remediate to cyber incidents and breaches, in addition to providing a full array of services to increase your company’s cyber resiliency. Fully customizable, you get to pick and choose the services you need. This program provides the ultimate protection from proactive services to increase your cybersecurity posture to having forensic investigators at the ready should you need to make a cyber 911 call.

This program puts more emphasis on prevention but also has the LIFARS white glove Incident Response services embedded if such incidents should occur.

LIFARS Incident Response Services and Forensic Methodologies are known world-wide and frequently called upon by intelligence agencies to help crack and clean-up the most complicated of cases. This unique expertise will be on call for you.

Utilizing LIFARS’ propriety methodologies, an independent compromise assessment will reveal if threat actors are currently active in your systems or have been active. Likewise, an assessment will identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your systems, networks and architecture. The results of the assessment will fortify your defenses.