KeyPoint Hacked: 40,000 Federal Employees Files Possibly Exposed

The computer files of over 40,000 federal employees might have been compromised in a recent breach, according to a recent report. The U.S. government contractor KeyPoint was breached recently, but at this point it’s not clear what files, if any, were exposed.

Although uncertain, the company started notifying some government employees that their personal files might be in jeopardy. They were also told that they will be given a (now standard) free credit score monitoring service if they are indeed affected.

This might turn out to be bad news for KeyPoint, since KeyPoint replaced USIS only a few months ago. USIS lost $300 mil. in government contract after they have been hacked and data of about 25,000 federal employees was exposed. Nathalie Arriola of the personnel office said that after officials concluded the investigation into the breach, they found “no conclusive evidence to confirm sensitive information was removed from the system.” She added that “KeyPoint has worked closely with OPM to implement additional security controls.”

On the upside, OPM and KeyPoint agree on the security upgrades that need to be implemented to help prevent future breaches, unlike what happened with USIS.