The Story of LIFARS

People often ask how the name LIFARS was created and what it means.

Some thought our founder, Ondrej Krehel, is an avid fan of ballet and named the company after one of the greatest ballet dancers and choreographers of the 20th century – Sergei Lifar.

The truth, however, is even simpler and there is always beauty in simplicity. Ondrej was brainstorming one day, some years back, and decided to write a few keywords that he associated with our soon-to-be-born company down on a piece of paper. These words are essentially the steps to containing some sticky situations:

L             – Liberty – After New York City’s Statue of Liberty
I             – Incident
F             – Forensics
A             – And
R             – Response, Recovery, or Remediation
S             – Services

And there it is. Ondrej simply took the first letters and voilà – LIFARS was born.