Microsoft Invests Big Money in Cybersecurity

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has revealed that the software giant spends upwards of $1 billion every year in security research and development.

In a landmark move that firmly establishes the company’s serious stance on cybersecurity, Microsoft – the company with the most widely used software in the world is doubling down on cybersecurity with the increasing number of breaches affecting large firms and corporations on a frequent basis.

The new security strategy is based on a platform that will provide customers with several features to detect, protect and respond to threats, according to Nadella, as reported by Bloomberg.

To facilitate the move to better security standards, Nadella spoke about a dedicated website with a team of experts specifically tasked to help the company deal with threats in a quick and efficient manner.

This is so that, like any intelligence operation, we don’t have silos. We’ll have people who’ll be able to in real-time connect the dots across what’s happening across all of these services.

Additionally, the new strategy also entails employees who will be adept in dealing with threats that concern all Microsoft products across various departments. This includes cloud, mobile and other security features that are frequently accessible via Microsoft’s flagship products such as Window 10, Office 365 and its cloud platform, Azure.

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Nadella referenced several major breaches in recent times such as the high-profile attacks targeting Sony, JP Morgan Chase, PayPal, AOL and others.

Nadella also insisted that Windows 10 is the now the most secure operating system that Microsoft has ever developed. Furthermore, he added that the operating system is ready for use among all organizations and enterprises.

He added:

We don’t think of security as being a separate piece of technology. It has to be core to the operational systems that you use, where your data resides, where your most critical applications usage is.

Nadella also noted that Microsoft’s products will be able to operate with other security providers such as Symantec and Barracuda Networks among others that will help make turn it into a cohesive platform. With the reveal, Nadella also claimed that Microsoft uses third-party software internally to help with better security.