Hillary Clinton States Russia is Behind DNC Hack

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate for the US presidency has stated that Russian intelligence services and state-sponsored hackers are behind the breach of Democratic National Committee systems and network.

In an interview with Fox News Sunday, Hillary Clinton has directly implicated Russian state-sponsored hackers behind the breach of the DNC.

She stated:

We know that Russian intelligence services hacked into the DNC and we know that they arranged for a lot of those emails to be released and we know that Donald Trump has shown a very troubling willingness to back up Putin, to support Putin.

Cybersecurity experts and US officials are in agreement to such claims, according to Reuters. They believe that Russia is behind the breach and the subsequent release of the emails, in an alleged effort to influence the outcome of the US presidential election in November.

The White House has notably declined to speculate or release any comment on the hack of DNC computers and are waiting for the conclusion of the ongoing investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

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The claim comes during a time when rival for the presidency and Republican nominee Donald Trump asked Russia to unearth and find thousands of emails belonging to Hillary Clinton from her time at the US State Department.

“Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” Trump stated, raising concerns among the cybersecurity and intelligence community that a presidential nominee is openly asking a foreign government to spy on an American citizen.

Trump later brushed aside his comments as sarcasm.

Hillary Clinton also added:

For Trump to both encourage that and to praise Putin despite what appears to be a deliberate effort to try to affect the election I think raises national security issues.

Meanwhile, the FBI is investigating a spate of breaches affecting the DNC, allegedly masterminded by Russian state-sponsored hackers. A few days ago, it was revealed that the Democratic Congressional Group, the body that helps raise money for Democrats in the running for seats in the US House of Representatives was also breached.

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