Interview with ABC7NY on “How ID Thieves Could Steal Your Identity From A Selfie”

Ondrej Krehel, CEO of LIFARS and Cyber Intelligence coordinator, Lisa Minervini speaks about the risk of getting your identity stolen by taking an innocent selfie, at an interview with ABC7NY.

During the interview, Lisa showed when a selfie with your fingers was taken within 2 feet from the camera, it can give hackers a high definition outline of your fingerprint.

Check out LIFARS team explaining how ID thieves could steal your identity from your selfie the news at ABC7NY here.

“It’s the trending selfie-pose, the backward peace sign. But experts say this sign is now a thumbs up for cyber thieves to steal your identity.

Digital Forensics expert Ondrej Krehel says your innocent digit display can be cropped, edited, printed, and lifted into a clear fingerprint – an exact replica of your unique ID.

“You don’t realize your fingers are exposed,” said author and founder of CyberScout, Adam Levin. Levin says it’s called ‘print-swiping.’ The risk is rising as we move into a more bio-metric tech society, as companies are now using your eyes or your prints to unlock phones, apps and even your credit card or bank account.

“These websites contain financial information personal information and you can’t change your fingerprint,” warns Levin.

“Especially for our generation we love selfies. The thing that we found is if you have your camera on “HDR” it actually makes such a clear photo,” says Cyber Intelligence coordinator Lisa Minervini.”