A Fistful of Dollars Gained by Hacking American Citizens, Enterprises and the US Government

Cyber-Criminal committing CyberCrime, Hackers marketplace. - wherecyber-criminals are making lucrative salarys by Hacking American Citizens, Enterprises and the US Government .

What is a cost for Hackers for Hire? Hackers marketplace has its own rules and pricing depending on geographical region, criminal cyber group.

$300 is the online price to have an average citizen hacked. This is where your digital death starts.  

$3,000 of botnets can execute a DDoS attack on an enterprise resulting in 5 million dollars of damages.  

$7,000 a month is the average salary a young adult can make in Eurasia by cyber extorting you and your family.  

$300,000 can be made on average American citizen in just one week through sextortion, which is threatening to publish claims that you enjoy watching porn, unless payment is made.  

$900,000 is a readily achievable yearly income for a cybercriminal, while the arrest rate is lower than 0.1%.  With lucrative incentives and low risk, we are at new era of the digital world where cybercrime is skyrocketing.  

$5,000,000 is an estimate of how much a nation state is willing to spend to attack a US company.  

200,000,000 Americans, approximately, are digitally naked on internet. Identities can be bought and abused.  There is a limited chance to defend oneself.  Recovery can take years, and oftentimes not achievable, resulting in a digital death.  

$545/hour is an average rate for a top expert firm in the US to perform digital forensics to help you.  

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Journey to cyber world is at intersection, for everyone living in the digital universe.