Infowars Admits Store Breach from Card Skimming Malware

card phishing malware

Infamous conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ show Infowars has admitted to a malware infection that has impacted the payment card information of customers on its online store.

First discovered by a Dutch security researcher, the malware found on the Infowars’ store website had the ability to record user payment records, according to a ZDNet report.

The researcher, Willem de Groot, discovered the malware infection earlier this week using a scanner developed to detect any suspicious activity on the Magneto e-commerce platform. The malware, specifically, records payments details within store checkout forms before sending the information to remote servers.

The malware was discovered hidden inside a modified block of Google Analytics code. Known as a card skimmer, or skimmer for short, the malware was present on all Infowars store pages while only activated during the checkout process. Further, the malware scraped all content discovered within the checkout form fields every 1.5 seconds before sending the data to a remote server hosted in Lithuania, the researcher discovered.

Infowars’ owner Alex Jones admitted that a total of “only 1,600 customers may have been affected.”

He added:

Our customer-supporter base is being contacted so they can watch for any ununsual charges to their account and rectify them.

Further, he claimed that the breach was “an act of industrial and political sabotage” that took place less than a day ago.

Image credit: LIFARS archive.